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SOA for Business

SOA for Business

Reference: D131


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The webinar is the second in the series on SOA in the Digital Age.


In the early days of SOA, it was expected that the principle of service-orientation would transform businesses, and that its application to Information Technology would give business executives more direct control of the creation of IT solutions. This expectation was not at first realized. SOA often remained within the IT department, and became known as a style of IT architecture rather than a business transformation tool. But the desire of business people to control IT solution development more directly has increased since those days, and a new kind of person has emerged within the modern enterprise: the business technologist, who works in a business department and understands the business, but also has the technical expertise to create IT solutions to support it. The time has come to revisit SOA, and see whether its early expectations can now be fulfilled. That is the topic for this webinar.

The webinar is the second in the series on SOA in the Digital Age. It builds on the first, highly popular webinar Developments in SOA, which looked at how SOA has changed since the early days, to focus specifically on how SOA has supported business operations, and will support them more effectively going forward.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Reference D131
Author(s) Ali Arsanjani (IBM), Gerard Peters (Capgemini), Marty Neuhard (HP), Shahriar Zand-Biglar (AEXP), Sundar Ramanathan (Ernst & Young), Chris Harding (The Open Group)
Published 10 Jun 2015
Duration 1 hour 1 minute
Type Webinars
Subject SOA

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