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Developments in SOA

Developments in SOA

Reference: D124


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This webinar is the first in the series "SOA in the Digital Age".


This webinar is the first in the series "SOA in the Digital Age", in which a panel of experts discusses how Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) has developed.

SOA was launched as a technical architecture based on the business concept of service. Product vendors and their customers adopted it with equal enthusiasm, but applying the idea to real systems was harder than it looked. Disenchantment set in. Analysts stopped recommending SOA.

Use of service-orientation grew steadily in spite of this, as architects learned how to make it work. Now it is accepted as an underlying principle for successful deployment of cloud computing and other digital technologies. What have we learned? How has SOA changed?

The panel discussing these questions includes experts who have used SOA, architected SOA products, were involved in the early days, and are following the latest developments. The audience will learn how SOA products and practices have changed, and how they are being applied in systems using the latest digital technology.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Reference D124
Author(s) John Bell (Ajontech), E.G. Nadhan (HP), Ali Arsanjani (IBM), Chris Harding (The Open Group)
Published 10 Mar 2015
Duration 1 hour
Type Webinars
Subject SOA

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