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Towards a Digital Professional Body of Knowledge

Towards a Digital Professional Body of Knowledge

Reference: W17A


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An introductory, informal discussion of some of the drivers, influences, and approach to Digital Transformation.


Digital Transformation, fueled by new platform technologies and methodologies, results in a need to move beyond the traditional IT management consensus. There is now an opportunity for a new, more comprehensive body of knowledge intended for the new Digital Business Professional who designs and delivers digital services and leads all aspects of Digital Transformation.

This document has two major components: the first lays out the motivations for developing a Digital Professional Body of Knowledge (DPBOK) for such people; the second provides the principles for, and an initial outline of, such a body of knowledge, which would serve as a long-needed basis for integrating existing product, project, service, and data management, Enterprise Architecture, and IT governance guidance in the context of current digital practices.

This document should be of interest to C-level executives who are undertaking or contemplating a Digital Transformation, and to organizations (e.g., consultants and trainers) who wish to supply skilled people for such a transformation.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Reference W17A
Author(s) Charles Betz, University of St. Thomas
Published 15 Sep 2017
Pages 42
Type White Papers
Subject Digital Business