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Technical Standard for Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Edition 1.0

Technical Standard for Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Edition 1.0

Reference: C122


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Edition 1.0 is obsolete and has been superseded. It is available here for reference only.

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This document is The Open Group Standard for the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Reference Architecture, Edition 1.0, and embodies a set of requirements and descriptions referred to as the FACE Standard. The FACE Standard defines the software computing environment and interfaces designed to support the development of portable components across the general-purpose, safety, and security profiles. FACE uses industry standards for distributed communications, programming languages, graphics, operating systems, and other areas as appropriate.

This document begins with an architectural overview, followed by a detailed description of each architectural segment and interface outlining requirements and functions of each component within the reference architecture. FACE-specific terms are outlined in the Glossary. Finally, the appendices provide the specific Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) required for the FACE Standard as well as other applicable standards.

The goal of FACE is to reduce software development and integration costs and reduce time to field new avionics capabilities. FACE establishes a common computing software infrastructure supporting portable, capability-specific software components across Department of Defense (DoD) avionics systems.

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Additional Information

Reference C122
US ISBN 1-937218-04-1
Published 26 Jan 2012
Pages 197
Superseded by C13J
Type Standards
Subject FACE
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Common Name FACE Reference Architecture
Status Superseded
Service Category International Operation Services
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Type The Open Group Standard