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Open Business Architecture (O-BA) – Part II

Open Business Architecture (O-BA) – Part II

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This is Part II of the Open Business Architecture (O-BA) Standard, a standard of The Open Group.


Business Architecture Capabilities, Value Stages, and Activities

This is Part II of the Open Business Architecture (O-BA) Standard, a standard of The Open Group.

This standard is focused on transformations to the enterprise or organization, but also includes management of the continuous flux of change both of the organization at large and at a more contained level. This standard defines an approach to ensure a clear understanding of business vision and strategy by all stakeholders throughout the transformation and change cycles.

The three parts of the standard, when taken together, will address all aspects of a Business Architecture practice explicitly; not only the holistic approach in modeling, but also the way of working and thinking, and the way of organizing and supporting.

Part I describes the practice through a Business Architecture framework, the five ways framework, the structural challenges in transformations it tries to resolve, and how these are resolved by applying the standard. The perspective of Part I covers the end-to-end transformation cycle, but is more focused on decision-making and direction-setting.

Part II (this document) describes the Business Architecture practice through all phases of the transformation cycle including the feedback loop in the lifecycle. It describes the lifecycle value stage, the Business Architecture capabilities required, the Business Architecture value streams, the contribution of Business Architecture to transformations, and the related techniques, views, and viewpoints. The same concepts and techniques apply as in Part I, but they are elaborated at another level of detail. Part I and Part II are complementary to each other. However, the two may also be used independently.

Part III will elaborate on the specific techniques and guidelines for Business Architecture. It will include, for instance, guides for establishing a Business Architecture practice, examples of key Business Architecture activities, and more detailed elaboration of specific techniques for preparation of output. Currently three Open Group publications are available: the Business Capabilities Guide, the Value Streams Guide, and the Capability-Based Planning White Paper.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Reference P171
Published 6 Apr 2017
Pages 41
Type Preliminary Specifications
Subject Architecture

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