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Open Business Architecture (O-BA) – Part I

Open Business Architecture (O-BA) – Part I

Reference: P161


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The Open Business Architecture (O-BA) Preliminary Standard Part I, a standard of The Open Group, is focused on transformations to the enterprise or organization.

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O-BA defines an approach to ensure a clear understanding of business vision by all stakeholders throughout the enterprise transformation lifecycle. Working in accordance with the standard enhances alignment, governance, and integration between all aspects of transformations.

This is the first part of a three-part standard. The three parts of the standard, when taken together, will address all aspects of a business architecture practice explicitly; not only the holistic approach in modeling, but also the way of working and thinking, as well as the way of organizing and supporting. Thus, the standard explicitly reckons with the systemic nature of transformations, the varying interests and goals of stakeholders, and moreover prepares for consistent communication of business priorities and needs throughout the lifecycle. It addresses a real need to solve structural challenges in enterprise and organizational transformations.

Part I describes the practice through a Business Architecture framework, the five-ways framework, the structural challenges it tries to resolve, and how these are resolved by applying the standard. The perspective of Part I is focused on decision-making and direction-setting.

This standard is being published initially as a Preliminary Standard since it addresses an emerging area of best practice; therefore, it may change before being published as a full Open Group Standard.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Reference P161
Published 1 Jul 2016
Pages 87
Type Preliminary Specifications
Subject Architecture

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