The Open Group Library

How to Use The Open Group Library

First Step

A user needs to log in to download any item from the Library. If you do not have a user account yet, you can register for one here.

Some items will be labeled for members only and a tick selection box will appear next to the item. An Open Group member, when logged in, will be able to select all member items. For non-members, we do offer evaluation versions or online versions so no one should be left out.

How to Download

Once logged in, you will see an Add to Downloads button next to each item. Some items will include multiple selections and you are free to choose how many or few you need. Once selected, clicking the Add to Downloads button will transfer your items to your account for viewing from your download history screen. The download history will keep a link to everything you have downloaded so you can view or download again on return visits. To access your download history page, just select My Account from the menu or footer.