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FACE™ Business Guide, Version 3.0

FACE™ Business Guide, Version 3.0

Reference: G172


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Guidance in the Value Proposition and Business Case for the FACE Approach, Version 3.0


This FACE Business Guide serves as a reference for executives, military executive officers, and senior leadership from both the Government and industry to understand the value proposition of the FACE approach.

Users at all organization levels are encouraged to reference this Guide for their own benefit, and any potential briefs or discussions they may have with their respective leadership, teams, and colleagues.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Reference G172
US ISBN 1-937218-87-4
Published 16 Oct 2020
Pages 44
Type Guides
Subject FACE
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Common Name FACE Business Guide 3.0
Status Adopted
Service Category International Operation Services
Service Consortium
Type The Open Group Guide