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Framework for Secure Collaboration-Oriented Architectures (O-SCOA)

Framework for Secure Collaboration-Oriented Architectures (O-SCOA)

Reference: G127


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This Open Group Framework for Secure Collaboration-Oriented Architectures (O-SCOA) specifies the requirements for secure design of enterprise IT architectures that support deperimeterized operations.



The Secure COA Framework was originally developed by the Jericho Forum and published in a series of 23 Secure COA Requirements Papers over the period 2006 to 2009.

This Guide collates all these Secure COA Requirements Papers, along with the Jericho Forum Commandments (design principles) that they adhere to, into a single readily-accessible publication. It specifies all the essential components required for architecting secure systems for deployment in de-perimeterized environments; i.e., without depending on securing the corporate perimeter.

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Additional Information

Reference G127
US ISBN 1-937218-03-4
Published 19 Sep 2012
Pages 125
Type Technical Guides
Subject Security
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