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World-Class EA: The Agile Enterprise

World-Class EA: The Agile Enterprise

Reference: W123


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This White Paper is part of a series of “World-Class” papers generated by the Value Realization Working Group within The Open Group Architecture Forum. This paper describes an end-to-end agile delivery approach throughout the enterprise.


The concept of "agile" has recently come to the fore, typically in connection with technical activities, such as software development. Subsequently, the agile approach has been extended and applied to, for example, solution architecture activities. However, we suggest that agile is in fact a way of working, a mindset. It applies to more than just software development, or architecture, or any other one area of activity. The real benefit comes from applying an end-to-end agile delivery approach throughout the enterprise. In this document we first consider the drivers for change. We revisit four themes, based on industry challenges, which mean that the ways of working which have worked in the past need to be reconsidered. We then identify the behaviors which characterize an agile approach, and assess how each behavior can assist with the industry challenges. Having established the benefits of an agile approach, we conclude by identifying the organizational capabilities (people, process, and technology) which need to be developed to put this into practice. Finally, two appendixes provide more detail on the agile behaviors and specific agile capabilities.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Reference W123
Author(s) A White Paper by Mick Adams, Tim Davey, Peter Haviland, and Jamie West
Published 19 Apr 2012
Pages 18
Type White Papers
Subject Architecture