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Is it possible to use Enterprise Architecture methods based on the TOGAF® standard to drive commercializable innovation in your organization and/or as an entrepreneur? We think so!


Join us for this webinar and learn how and where to start.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Enterprise Architecture and Disruptive Change
  • Innovation Cycle: Opportunity | Technical Uncertainty | Minimum Viable Product | Integrate and Rockets Up
  • Innovation Example: advance healthcare delivery – I wonder if we can deliver essential health information and best practices at the point of care for under one dollar per person per year, will this be enough to provide high quality affordable care to 7.3 billion residents of our planet?

The learning goal is to:

  • Develop a strong appreciation that the role of the Enterprise Architect is bigger than models and we can be catalysts of change for good.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Reference D165
Author(s) Jason Uppal
Published 21 Jun 2016
Duration 1 hour 2 minutes
Type Webinars
Subject TOGAF