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Become more Agile with Lean and Enterprise Architecture

Become more Agile with Lean and Enterprise Architecture

Reference: D147


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The central theme in this webinar is Agility.


Last year Marc Lankhorst and Peter Matthijssen did a webinar on Lean and Enterprise Architecture (EA). They explained that though Lean and EA have a different scope and approach, both methods can powerfully support each other. All with a shared goal in mind: improving organizational performance.

The webinar on Lean and EA was a great success with well over a thousand participants. For us this is no surprise, since many organizations perform parallel initiatives on Lean and EA. With a shared goal, it is logical to look for synergy. We concluded that many EA initiatives should be a bit more Lean, and Lean initiatives can grow their impact when guided by EA. In this follow-up webinar we will explore the the powerful collaboration of Lean and EA a bit further.

The central theme in this webinar is Agility. Every organization needs to be Agile in order to handle all kind of forces and developments inside and outside the organization. Both Lean and EA can make organizations more Agile, but work from a different perspective. By aligning EA and Lean knowledge, techniques, and people, the separate initiatives can be given a boost.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Vision on Lean and EA
  • Alignment of Lean and EA – Tools and Techniques
  • Alignment of Lean and EA – People
  • Combination of Lean and EA to improve Agility
  • Tips and examples from daily practice
Additional Information

Additional Information

Reference D147
Author(s) Marc Lankhorst (Managing Consultant & Service Line Manager Enterprise Architecture, BiZZdesign), Peter Matthijssen (Senior Consultant & Service Line Manager BPM)
Published 1 Dec 2015
Duration 1 hour
Type Webinars
Subject Architecture