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SOA and Open Platform 3.0™ – Enabling Big Data

SOA and Open Platform 3.0™ – Enabling Big Data

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This webinar will discuss how SOA can enable big data processing.


Many enterprises are exploring the use of big data analytics for new solutions and for incorporation in existing solutions. Interoperability of modular components is important for success, particularly in the latter case, and this can be achieved using published interfaces and a service-oriented approach.

In this webinar, industry experts Helen Sun of Oracle, Trinette Surles of IBM, and Nikhil Kumar of ApTSi, with Chris Harding of The Open Group, will discuss how SOA can enable big data processing. This is one of the new, disruptive technologies that the Open Platform 3.0™ initiative will help enterprises to integrate and use.

The webinar will include:

  • An overview of Open Platform 3.0
  • An architecture for big data processing, based on SOA
  • Some sample use-cases

The panelists will present these topics, and will then answer questions from the audience.

Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • Use-cases, best practices, and lessons learned for service-oriented big data analysis
  • The role of big data in Open Platform 3.0

The convergence and mutual reinforcement of technical phenomena such as social media, mobility, cloud computing, big data analysis, and the Internet of things is predicted to drive growth in spending on Information Technology (IT) in the years through to 2020. Enterprises will use these technologies in new business models, but they are disruptive of established IT practices.

The Open Platform 3.0 Forum has been established to help enterprises to use these technologies, by identifying a set of new platform capabilities, and architecting and standardizing an IT platform by which enterprises can reap their business benefits. This will advance The Open Group vision of Boundaryless Information Flow™.

A standard platform will enable users to use the combination of these technologies effectively and at low cost, and will give vendors a worthwhile market.

The platform will enable enterprises to create, evolve, adopt, and use solutions based on current and future emerging technologies to achieve business value. It will do this in a business environment in which end users access the technologies directly and develop innovative business solutions.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Reference D096
Author(s) Helen Sun, Oracle; Trinette Surles, IBM; Nikhil Kumar, ApTSi; Chris Harding, The Open Group
Published 17 Dec 2013
Duration 1 hour 2 minutes
Type Webinars
Subject SOA