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ArchiMate® Model Exchange File Format (for ArchiMate Version 2.1)

ArchiMate® Model Exchange File Format (for ArchiMate Version 2.1)

Reference: C154


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The Open Group ArchiMate® Model Exchange File Format Standard defines a file format that can be used to exchange data between systems that wish to import and export ArchiMate models.

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ArchiMate exchange files enable exporting content from one ArchiMate modeling tool or repository and importing it into another while retaining information describing the model in the file and how it is structured, such as a list of model elements and relationships. The Standard focuses on the packaging and transport of ArchiMate models.

The Exchange File Format contains model information including:

  • Objects of all ArchiMate types with basic attributes
  • Relationship details between objects
  • Diagrammatic information

The deliverables included with this Standard are as follows:

  • Open Group Standard, ArchiMate® Model Exchange File Format
  • Schema Documentation for the ArchiMate® 2.1 XML Schema Definition (XSD) Binding
  • A ZIP file containing: the XSD Schema file, an example Extended XSD Schema file, and example models in the Exchange File Format
Additional Information

Additional Information

Reference C154
US ISBN 1-937218-67-6
Published 12 Aug 2015
Pages 77
Type Standards
Subject ArchiMate
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Common Name ArchiMate Exchange File
Status Adopted
Service Category Software Engineering Services
Service Architecture
Type The Open Group Technical Standard