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Authorization Roles Managed On RBAC (O-ARMOR)

Authorization Roles Managed On RBAC (O-ARMOR)

Reference: C125


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This Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) standard defines a set of authorizations consistent with the generally accepted tasks assigned to administrative users, granting them the privileges necessary to perform their administrative duties, within a common set of administrative roles to be predefined on UNIX® systems.


Although the exact authorizations and privileges will be unique to each implementation of the UNIX® system, the general spirit of the roles will hold true. This standard also specifies an optional API that can be used to check whether a user has been given a particular authorization through RBAC.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Reference C125
US ISBN 1-937218-09-6
Published 16 Aug 2012
Pages 19
Type Standards
Subject Security
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Common Name O-ARMOR
Status Adopted
Service Category Security and Risk Services
Service Identification and Authentication Services
Type The Open Group Standard
Usage Referenced in X1201: UNIX V7 Product Standard.