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Open FAIR™ Body of Knowledge Training Materials

Open FAIR™ Body of Knowledge Training Materials

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Training Materials for Trainers

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The Open Group training courseware for the Open FAIR Body of Knowledge and Open FAIR Foundation level training

The audiences for licensing this training courseware are training companies or departments who wish to provide Open FAIR Foundation level training. The license for the materials permits licensees to brand and modify the materials to create a licensee-specific branded course.

The courseware is expected to be adapted by trainers and is suitable for accreditation (**).

The aim of the courseware is to provide students with the knowledge and understanding of the Open FAIR Body of Knowledge, including a case study, and completing a number of exercises, so they are prepared for the certification exam.

Deliverables include:

  • PowerPoint slides (compatible with PowerPoint versions 2007 and upwards): these include instructor notes (on the notes pages)
  • An Instructor Guide with Exercises/Solutions
  • A Student Exercise Guide (contains exercises for each unit of the course)
  • A Case Study

(** Licensing of the materials does not grant accreditation to the course. Accreditation is only granted after successful completion of the terms and conditions of the Open FAIR Training Course Accreditation program by the licensee.)

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Reference B142
Published 5 Nov 2014
Type Study Materials
Subject Open FAIR