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ArchiMate® Standard Training Materials V2.1 Edition

ArchiMate® Standard Training Materials V2.1 Edition

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Training Materials for Trainers

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The Open Group training courseware for ArchiMate 2.1 and the ArchiMate 2 Certification for People Conformance Requirements.

The audiences for licensing this training courseware are training companies or departments who wish to provide ArchiMate training. The license for the materials permits licensees to brand and modify the materials to create a licensee-specific branded course.

This courseware has 14 units. It is designed to be of benefit to all those wishing to understand or exploit the ArchiMate modeling language for use in Enterprise Architecture projects. The courseware is expected to be adapted by trainers and is suitable for accreditation (**).

The aim of the courseware is to provide students with the knowledge and understanding so that they can satisfactorily complete a number of practical exercises to demonstrate their capability for ArchiMate modeling and be prepared for the certification examination (if part of accredited training).

Deliverables include:

  • PowerPoint slides (compatible with PowerPoint versions 2007 and upwards): these include instructor notes (on the notes pages).
  • An Instructor Guide with Exercises/Solutions
  • A Student Exercise Guide (contains exercises for each unit of the course)
  • Graphics image files from the ArchiMate 2.1 Specification and the ArchiMate 2.1 Pocket Guide
  • A Student Handout Kit including:
    • The ArchiSurance Case Study
    • Information Sheets on ArchiMate 2 certification
    • The ArchiMate 2.1 Pocket Guide (PDF)
    • Sets of ArchiMate 2.1 Reference Cards
    • Two slide decks introducing ArchiMate 2.1
    • A set of Visio Stencils for ArchiMate 2.0/2.1
    • A White paper introducing ArchiMate 2

Upon course accreditation (**) the following additional materials will be provided:

  • The Open Group ArchiMate 2 Practical Exercises and Solutions
  • The Open Group ArchiMate 2 Practice Tests

(** Please note that accreditation of a training course includes additional requirements upon the training organization over just licensing the materials and is a separate activity and cost.)


Additional Information

Additional Information

Reference B136
Published 1 Dec 2013
Type Study Materials
Subject ArchiMate